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      Cat6 UTP Modular Plug RJ45 8P8C

      Cat6 UTP Modular Plug

      1. Detailed information

      Cat6 UTP Modular Plug RJ45 8P8C



      Modular plugs, RJ45 connector

      Types: 8P8C, 8P6C, 8P4C and 8P2C

      Suitable cable: Cat6

      Housing material: PC

      Contact material: phosphor bronze

      Plating: gold over nickel-plated

      Plating thickness: 3u standard, 6, 15, 30 and 50u (optional)

      Available in different transparent color or shield

      Descriptions: 8P8C Cat6 rj45 plug


      Cable to plug tensile strength: 7.7kg (minimum)

      Durability: 750 mating cycles (minimum)

      Designed according to FCC standard, and fully compatible with different jacks

      Standard packing: 1000pcs or 100pcs/bag with a sticker to mark specification

      Also supply Cat5e ftp/stp connector/plug, Cat6 utp/ftp/stp connectors

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