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      Fiber Optic Adapter,LC Single-Mode Simplex

      LC Fiber Optic Adapter,LC Single-Mode Simplex

      1. Detailed information

      LC Fiber Optic Adapter,LC Single-Mode Simplex


      Used to connect single mode LC cables

      Compartmentalized carrying case keeps all your couplers in one place for easy access


      Adapter type: LC

      Simplex or duplex versions

      Low-insertion loss:<0.20dB

      Durability (500 mating): 0.2dB

      Body material: plastic

      Fiber can offers comprehensive range of LC adapters for both PC and APC applications

      Operating temperatures: -40 to 85°C


      Compliant with: ANSI, Bellcore, TIA/EIA standards

      High-performance interconnections offer very low insertion loss

      Ceramic (zirconium) or low-cost phosphor bronze alignment sleeves


      Telecom networks

      CATV networks

      Local area networks

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