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      Cat6 Networking cable FTP

      Cat6 Networking Cable FTP

      1. Detailed information

      Cat6 Networking Cable FTP


      POTS, T1 and T1 fractional, ISDN basic and primary rate, 4/16Mbps token ring (IEEE802.5), 10 BAST-T (IEEE802.3), 100Mbps TP-PMD, 52/155Mbps ATM (ATM forum), 100 BAST-T4 (Ethernet), 100 VG-any LAN (IEEE802.12), 100 BAST-T (fast Ethernet), 1Gbps Ethernet (IEEE802.3)

      Electrical performance (at 250MHz):

      1.0 to 100.0MHz impedance: 100 ±15 Ohms

      1.0 to 250.0MHz impedance: 100 ±22 Ohms

      Impedance delay screw:<45ns/100m

      Pair to ground capacitance unbalance: 330PF/100m (maximum)

      Conductor DC resistance 20%:<73.2 Ohms/km

      Resistance unbalance: 5%

      Test object: jacket

      Test material: PVC

      305 meters, packaged in full boxes

      Before tensile strength: ≥13.8Mpa

      Aging elongation: ≥100%

      Aging condition: 100 x 240C x hours

      After tensile strength: ≥85%Mpa of unaged

      Aging elongation: ≥50% of nagged

      Cold bend: no crock (-20 ±2℃ x 4 hours)

      Cable data:

      Conductor: solid bare copper

      AWG: 23

      Conductor diameter: 0.57mm

      Insulation: PE

      Average thickness: 0.24 ±0.03mm

      Minimum point thickness: 0.24

      Insulation diameter: 1.00 ±0.03mm

      Twisting lay length: 30mm underneath

      Cable lay length: 200mm underneath

      Jacket: PVC

      Average thickness: 0.5

      Minimum point thickness: 0.4

      Outer diameter: 6.8 ±1.0mm

      Rip cord: yes

      Weight nom: 60kg/km

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