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      Cat5e Networking Cable FTP

      Cat5e Networking Cable FTP

      1. Detailed information

      Cat5e Networking Cable FTP


      Tested for power sum next, ELFEXT, delay skew, propagation delay and any other criteria as specified in emerging standard, applications can include voice, ISDN, ATM 155 and 622, 100Mbps TPDDI, fast and gigabit Ethernet, shielding protects against EMI/FRI interference


      Electrical performance: (at 100MHz)

      1.0 to 100.0MHz impedance: 100 ±15Ω

      1.0 to 100.0MHz impedance delay screw (NS/100m):<45

      Pair to ground capacitance unbalance (PF/100m): 330 (maximum)

      Conductor DC resistance: 20% (Ω/km):<93.8

      Resistance unbalance: 5%

      Test object: jacket

      Test material: PVC

      305 meters, packed in full boxes

      Before tensile strength: ≥13.8MPa

      Aging elongation: ≥100%

      Aging condition: 100C x 240 hours

      After tensile strength: ≥85%MPa of un-aged

      Aging elongation: ≥50% of nagged

      Cold bend (-20 ±2°C x 4 hours): no crock

      Cable data:

      Conductor: solid bare copper

      AWG: 24AWG

      Conductor: Ø0.51mm

      Insulation: PE

      Average thickness (± 0.03mm): 0.25mm

      Min point thickness: 0.22mm

      Insulation (±0.03mm): Ø1.0mm

      Twisting lay length: 30mm underneath

      Cabling lay length: 200mm underneath

      Jacket: PVC

      Average thickness: 0.5mm

      Min point thickness: 0.46mm

      Outer (±1.0mm): Ø5.1mm

      Rip cord: yes

      Weight: 43kg/km

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