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      LC to Fiber Optic Adapter, Simplex

      LC to Fiber Optic Adapter

      1. Detailed information

      LC to Fiber Optic Adapter, Simplex


      Used to connect single mode LC cables

      Compartmentalized carrying case keeps all your couplers in one place for easy access


      Adapter type: LC

      Simplex or duplex versions

      Low insertion loss:<0.20dB

      Durability (500 mating): 0.2dB

      Body material: plastic

      Fiber can offers comprehensive range of LC adapters for both PC and APC applications

      Operating temperatures: -40 to 85℃


      Compliant with ANSI, Bellcore, TIA/EIA standards

      Telecom networks

      CATV networks

      Local area networks

      High-performance interconnections offer very low-insertion loss

      Ceramic (zirconium) or low-cost phosphor bronze alignment sleeves

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