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      Fiber Optic Patch Cord,ST-ST Multiple Mode,Simplex

      Fiber Optic Patch Cord,ST-ST Multiple Mode,Simplex

      1. Detailed information

      Fiber Optic Patch Cord,ST-ST Multiple Mode,Simplex


      The fiber patch cords applied in telecommunication, data new dispatch, local area network and vast domain net, fiber patch cords are adjusting connection box small scale, demand but development that high thickness joins one kinds of new connection box in order to meet client, it compresses the entire electric network plank and that wall plank and the flexibility cabinet needs.

      The main product are patch cord.

      Types: FC, ST, SC, LC, MT-TJ, MU E2000 and D4 optical fiber patch cord


      Low insertion loss and high return loss

      Excellent repeatability and changeability

      Simple and duplex available

      Quick connection and removal

      Excellent stability of temperature

      Product form:

      Insertion loss: PC≤0.20, UPC≤0.20, APC≤0.20

      The largest test insertion loss: PC≤0.30, UPC≤0.30, APC≤0.30

      Echo return loss: PC≥45, UPC≥50, APC≥65

      Repeatability: 0.2

      Working temperature: -40 to 75°C

      Storing temperature: PC -40 to 75°C/UPC -40 to 85°C/APC -40 to 75°C

      Optical fiber type: SM/MM

      Thrust the batch number of timers: 1000

      Adopt criterion: IEC60874

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